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Last summer, I made a decision. I wasn't happy with my chosen profession. I wanted more out of life. I was in a dead end job... truly, I felt like the years before had been a bit of a waste. I'm not sure exactly when I became displeased but all the same, it happened. I decided that I wanted to go into another field. I wanted to own and operate my own business. I gave it a ton a thought and I also did a bit of soul searching. I realized that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it wholeheartedly. I left my job and began the process of returning to college. I graduate years earlier and I knew that things would be different but I wasn't worried about that, because I'd become accustomed to challenges in life. But once I was there, campus still felt like my home away from home. Sure, there were new professors and students, but they didn't make me feel like an outcast. I was older than most of the students in my classes but the generation gap seemed to have diminished as the weeks passed. I'm glad that I decided to return to college. I'm happier for it. Everyday, I feel blessed because I'm advancing towards my goals. If you want to do something different in life, no matter your age, it's never too late!!! Do your homework as well as some soul searching and step out into the unknown! 


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Three New Short Romances for the LGBT Community!!!!

It has been a while since I have released a new book or any type of short story. I am hoping that my return is welcomed as also rewarding for my readers. I believe that love is equal as well as special no matter whom those in love may be. Now I would like to introduce you all to the three new short stories which I have released this month!!!!

Charles is a transgender man that has yet to have his gender-reassignment surgery but he has fallen in love with a woman that he chose not to reveal his situation. Melissa begins questioning their relationship and Charles' feelings for her because he continually avoids having sex. After careful consideration, Charles decides to come clean but will the truth cost him the love of his life? $1.49 Purchase
 A drunken night of celebrating with Matt had Clark confessing his feelings of romantic love. Matt is none too pleased. He lashes out at Clark and that's when all the trouble begins. After finding out that Clark may have a lover, Matt begi…

A Love of Nature

I have been in love with nature for as long as I can remember. Summer vacations in Wisconsin gave me the opportunities to really be one on one with nature through camping, hiking, horseback riding and swimming. As time passed, I allowed the obligations and responsibilities of everyday life distract my love of nature but I found that it was hard to feel that same sense of freedom and tranquility when I lost touch with the great outdoors.
A few years back, I found nature again through visiting national wildlife refuges speckled around my home state. Refuges such as Morgan and Mathew Brake, give visitors the opportunity to safely enjoy nature once again. Visitors can breath fresh air and listen to the sounds and view nature as well as read all about the animals that frequent the location as well as live there permanently.
Four years ago, I decided to start saving injured turtles. If I saw one in or on the side of the road, the would carefully retrieve it and get it to safety. In the beginn…

Didn't Get Enough Interracial Love With The Royal Wedding?

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was one of the most beautiful events to witness this year. Interracial relationships have become commonplace in today's society. There are some whom may have negative feelings about this but there are many more that love it just as much I do. For those of you who didn't get enough interracial romance from this beautiful union, I have compiled a few books that I know you'll enjoy reading over and over again.

 With My Own Eyes $0.99 Purchase
Jason Mathews has had his share of bad luck but nothing was worse than finding out that his best friend since childhood, Pace Johnson, was having an affair with his wife, Anne. Then there was the loss of their child Jackson. It had been nearly three years but Jason was still struggling to cope. Just when he'd given up on love and life, Destiny Hartman walks into the picture. She's a beautiful and intelligent woman that is running away from bad experiences and hardships that she suff…