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Blind Faith, the Series Begins

Blind Faith is a new series by Veronica Lolonda Anderson. The series takes on a sort of religious persona but still manages to hold your interest. Tate Anthony is the main character. He falls in love with a would-be con-woman, Jessica Norwood. The story lies in why she became the way she now is. The book is a promising read but the story doesn't end there. Just when you think you've seen the last of Jessica, she reappears in Tate's life in Blind Faith:Tate's Temptation, which is scheduled to be released on December 1, 2012.

Free Book of Poetry

When I was younger, I loved writing poetry a whole lot. Every time anything happened, be it a fight with a boyfriend or a breakup or even the loss of a friend, I would write a poem to get my feelings out in the open. Today, my 25th book has hit Smashwords and its a free read. Check it out!

More Betty Bumble-Worm!

Three New Books Join the Betty Bumble-Worm Children's Series Lineup!

The Complete Series is Here!

The complete series is here! Now you can have the volume one of the Timothy Turtle Mysteries Series all in one ebook. Get the series! Available at Smashwords!