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Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close Shurrell Winters is an R&B singer that has decided that she wants to give up the limelight to settle down and have a normal life. She heads to Centerville City, a place where her great grandfather has left her a house and a sizable amount of land. That's where she comes across Jag St. Paul. He's a hard man with a good heart. When their paths cross, the sparks fly immediately. While Shurrell wants to leave her past behind, Jag is pulled back into his past and reunited with a child that he thought wasn't his. When the dust settles, will their love be strong enough to survive? $2.99

Bang Game (Erotic Series)

Bang Game (Book 5) What happens when two lonely people come together for a batch of no strings attached sex? Chelsea and Darius decided to play a high stakes game of pleasure. But they end up getting more than they bargained for in this short yet sweet erotic tale. They both agree to terms that would keep them apart but passion and desire will likely pull the closer together than ever. $1.49