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Coming Soon!!!! New Ebook and Paperback Release

Jason Mathews is in the middle of divorce from a wife that cheated with his best friend a whole year. It's been nearly three years since the death of his young son, Jackson but he still can't seem to cope.  Destiny Hartman left Boston like the devil himself was on her heels. As far as she's concerned, she never wants to see or think about that place ever again. She's moved to Seattle for a new job and a beautiful new home with only one tiny kink in her perfect new life... her new icy blue-eyed boss is her next door neighbor. She has no idea that the man has seen her naked and has plans to make her his. What happens when these two broken hearts cross! What else!!!  As the summer heat's up, you'll find it's just as steamy between the sheets! Coming Soon to Ebook and paperback, Veronica Anderson-Stamps' WithMy Own Eyes!