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Guess Who's Engaged!

I know my personality better than most but when I was asked the big question... well I turned into that little girl that had so many big dreams about how her wedding would be. Darius and I have been together for a while. We have had more than our share of ups and downs, needless to say the majority have been because of me or a particular way I have behaved in the past. So here I am.... 35 years old and finally getting ready to take the plunge. I feel like I'm in my early twenties and starting college... those were the days!!!! I don't know what lies ahead but I have made a promise to myself to be a better person. I know that in marriage, there is no "I", "You" or "Me". There is only "Us" or "We". I won't go into the statistics on marriage and divorce. I refuse to go into this thing and thinking about how it will end. Perhaps it will be a forever type thing. I'm sure that my parents thought and felt the same things that…

Ollie's Holiday Havoc (eBook)

The holidays are in full swing! Why not get some great reading in between all that shopping and eating! Check out Ollie in his holiday adventure!

Ollie Jones is a sixth grader that's looking forward to the holidays but there is one person standing in his way, Jonathan Coats. He's a bully that has set his eyes on Ollie and his best friend Eddie. Jonathan wants Ollie and Eddie to ruin the school's holiday decorations. Neither of the boys wants to do it. Ollie decides to turn the tables on a kid that he used to call a friend. Join Ollie as he handles this holiday havoc! Merry Christmas!
Price: 1.49