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Relationships: The Rules of Attraction

We've all heard of the so-called rules of attraction but something is telling me that it may be a load of wash. If a person sits back and really thinks about attraction, romance, and love; a different picture comes to mind, A whole new thought process takes place. I now believe that anyone can fall in love. What I mean by this is a straight person can fall in love with a gay person, a gay person can fall in love with a straight person, people of different faith and religions can fall in love, even different races. We've all witnessed these types of things happening. Given the right set of circumstances, you could find yourself in love with the type of person that you never thought you'd be with, in a billion years. We have these ideas of who we want to lay next to at night or for the rest of our lives but the person you or I may be dreaming of, might not be the person for us. Have you ever watched a movie where two absolutely straight people start feeling attraction to eac…