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New Paperback Releases!!!

Now all of your favorite eBooks are available on paperback. I have to tell you all that it is such as blessing to be able to offer my work in paperback format. Also I want to thank my followers and readers for all of their support. I have a few eBook releases that have been pushed back but I can promise you that I will try my best to keep on schedule. Below you will find the latest paperback releases, information about each book as well as the price.

Shurrell Winters is an R&B singer that has decided that she wants to give up the limelight to settle down and have a normal life. She heads to Centerville City, a place where her great grandfather has left her a house and a sizable amount of land. This is where she meets Jag St. Paul. He's a hard man with a good heart. When their paths cross, the sparks fly immediately. While Shurrell wants to leave her past behind, Jag is pulled back into his and reunited with a child that he thought wasn't his. When the dust settles, will their love be strong enough to survive? Price: $5.49

Layla Osunde lives in America with her father. She has been excepted into a prestigious university and comes home to find her father murdered.She manages to escape the killers but she ends up having a car accident. She steps out of her car and falls into the arms of an unknown man before she eventually faints. She awakes later in a strange apartment. She surveys the apartment and finds aspirin for her headache. She soon comes face to face with the owner of the apartment, which turns out to be a penthouse. Steven Haywood is a man that has his life together, but everything get turned upside down when he falls in love with a woman on the run. Price: $5.49

Take a trip around the world from Africa, the Amazon to America in this shifting 3-Story collection. Experience shifting men and women, fall in love as you watch the adventure unfold. In Curse of the Lion, Rudgar and Zhane fall in love quickly but both of them have a secret that threatens to destroy everything. In Purr of the Panther, Matheson and Ashley have a chance encounter in South American that develops into something more. Ashley wanders about the panther that protected her in the Amazon but only Matheson knows the truth. In Unleashing of the Leopard, Wendy falls for Con Gee Woo the moment she looks into his sad eyes. She wanders why anyone would volunteer to have unspeakable experiments performed on them. Can she bring him back to his senses and convince him that no matter what, life is worth living? Price: $6.99

 Erotica is a collection of five erotic stories, which include Explicit Desires, One For The Team, Hook, Line and Sink Her, Her Picasso and Bang Game. There's something for everyone here in this unique collection that is guaranteed to keep you up at night. Whether you're into threesomes, girls getting it on or guys playing hard, or backseat action, you'll definitely want to pick this one up. Enjoy! (All Character are 18 and Older.) Also includes the bonus erotic tale, O for Orgasm! Price: $5.99

Morgan Ross has finally began to reap the benefits of all her years of hard work.She's been hired at Grambling University as their new Art professor. Nothing could make her happier. She has the task of convincing her mother that taking this job is the right thing to do. While things seem to be falling into place, she has a chance encounter with Nick Brown, a man she had unintentionally hurt years ago. Seeing him again literally boils her blood. Nick Brown is a man who has been hurt by women one too many times. Seeing Morgan again opens wounds that he thought had healed. Something else awakens in Nick. Can he let go of the past in order to have a future? Will he take advantage of a second chance at love? Price: $6.49

Thrills, chills and tales of terror are wrapped into one bundle that any horror fanatic would love. Ghost stories, shadowy figures passing through walls, aberrations taking human form and things going bump in the night are all waiting here for you. This collection includes Latham's Lake, The Bluff Haunting, Ten Tantalizing Tales of Terror and Dark Forest: Beware of Night Fall. Cozy up under the covers and watch your wildest fears come to life. Tonight, its alright to sleep with the lights on! Enjoy! Price: $5.99

Colton walks away from his normal life of boating and carpentry when he learns that there is a creature dwelling in the woods around his small community. He soon becomes obsessed over finding and destroying this creature. He is later attacked by the beast and is nearly killed yet he refuses to stop searching for it. His quest leads him to Black Ridge, where he lets his beast run wild. His ambitions cause him to be attacked by vampires after killing two of their own. Colton lives through it all and plans to destroy all the creatures of the night but will his plan for revenge succeed? Join Colton as he battles against some of the most powerful and dangerous beings alive. The hunter becomes the hunted when Colton transforms into the most evil creature of them all. By daybreak, who will be left standing? Price: $6.49

Rod Hall is a man that keeps to himself. He doesn't socialize with town folk and he has never been one for gossip. He's never cared about the next man or woman for that matter. But when a gorgeous clerk and librarian takes up residence in Walton Creek, Rod realizes that he has definitely met his match. Can Rod convince Becky Stonewall to settle for his kind of love? Price: $5.49

This is the ultimate collection for lovers of African American romances. These men and women go through trials and tribulations as their love is constantly tested. This collection includes Two Week Gamble: Second Chance at Love, Sacred Love: Seeds of Passion, Bound to You, Promise Ring and My First Love. Whether you are young or older, this collection has something for everyone. Remember that love conquers all and the heart wants what it wants. There is no denying what you feel inside. Enjoy the Ultimate Collection of African American Romance. Price: $11.99

Santos Rodriquez has been working for Blaster Construction for as long as he can remember, but when he receives a letter informing him that his Work Visa will not be renewed, his world is turned upside down. He decides to enjoy the time he has left in America. Out of a hopeless situation can love be born? Vivian Houston has always been friendly with Santos Rodriquez. When she learns of his situation, she's willing to go the distance to save Santos. Her fiance Darnell has other things in mind. He's not about to lose his woman to a man she barely knows. Price: $5.40

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