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Colton Series Complete!

For those of you who have followed the Colton Series, you know that it's all about vampires and werewolves. If this is your first time visiting this site or hearing about the Colton Series, here is an extensive breakdown of the main characters and the books in which they first appeared. Now, remember that all characters that are mentioned appear in the last installation of this of the series. The complete series will also be available shortly if you want to make one purchase. Enjoy the read. If there's something you'd like to know about, hit the comments section below.
Characters Backgrounds of the Colton Series
Ella: made her appearance in Just Passing Through: The Werewolf and the Witch. Ella and her best friend were trying to create a cure for the werewolf affliction when she became infected. Her friend was killed and Ella was driven away from her home and into seclusion.
Erin: made his appearance in Just Passing Through: The Werewolf and the Witch. Erin is a technology specialist that was invited by his sister to do a presentation. His car breaks down before arriving at his destination. He finds Ella’s cabin in the woods. He is later attacked and Ella saves him.
Sharon: made her appearance in Just Passing Through: The Werewolf and the Witch. She is the spunky older twin sister of Erin and also a school teacher. She is more like a mother than a sister to Erin. She goes into protection mode when she finds her brother battened on the side of the road. She’s determined to find the culprit and make him/her pay.
Cash (Katrina): made her appearance in Into Darkness: The Vampire’s Mate. She is a vampire that has a hard time accepting the fact that her life mate is a human that has a hero complex. She struggles with telling him who he is to her. She is forced to reveal the truth when they are suddenly attacked by a vicious werewolf.
Elliot (EB): made his appearance in Into Darkness: The Vampire’s Mate. He is a police officer that lost his wife and child because of a serial killer. He struggles with constant guilt and often dreams about his dead family. He spends all of his time fighting crime. He is very popular in Black Ridge and is often praised on the networks for his good deeds.
Blush: made his appearance in Into Darkness: The Vampires Mate. He is the leader of a small yet powerful clan of vampires that reside in the deep forest of Black Ridge. He is seen as cold and reserved but his outward appearance belies and individual who lost his life mate when he was centuries younger.
Bryan: made his appearance in Into Darkness: The Vampire’s Mate. He is a new vampire that has not yet grown accustomed to his new life. He is smart and fearless. He is seen as Blush’s right-hand vamp. He has an obsession with cars and joking around with other’s in the clan.
Ricky: made his appearance in both in Just Passing Through: The Werewolf and the Witch and Into Darkness: The Vampire’s Mate. He is a brilliant research scientist that works with Colton to figure out what is attacking animals as well as people in their small community. He is sucked into a downward spiral when he realizes that Colton is insane.
Colton: made appearance in both Just Passing Through: The Werewolf and the Witch and Into Darkness: The Vampire’s Mate. Colton is a carpenter and shipping man that becomes obsessed with animal attacks and sightings in his community. He becomes fixated on one woman, Ella. He believes that she is somehow helping the beast to evade capture. Colton arrives in Black Ridge hot on Ella’s trail when he discovers vampires are just as real as the fairy tales. His obsession goes into overdrive. He seeks to vanquish the new threat.


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